New Year, Same Old….

1st January, 2019

(Day 1)

Dear Mrs May

I’d say “dear Prime Minister” which I believe to be the correct form of address (at this point in time at any rate) but you have made it abundantly plain over the last couple of years that you are not, in fact, my Prime Minister at all.

You have called me, and millions of other Remain voters,  “citizens of nowhere”. You have proclaimed your desire to “crush the saboteurs”. You have referred to my beloved Dutch husband and over 3 million other EU citizens (who came to this country legally under Freedom of movement and are living, working, paying taxes and generally contributing to the UK) as “queue-jumpers”. You have gloated about ending Freedom of Movement not just for the 3 million EU citizens living & working here but for each and every one of the 65 million UK citizens whether living here in the UK or abroad in the EU.

Even before that, during your time at the Home Office you suppressed up to nine reports showing that immigration is a nett benefit to the UK; that EU citizens living and working here are nett contributors. You also deliberately created the hostile environment that has caused so much trouble and unhappiness and illegal deportations.

There are words for people who do and say such things. One is xenophobe. Another is racist. Which are you, I wonder? Perhaps you’re both, which is what your actions seem to indicate.

And now you want me – want us – to unite behind your shoddy brexit deal which will impoverish the UK, cement the divisions in society and enrich only those who already have more wealth than they can reasonably fritter away in several lifetimes.

Well, that is not going to happen. 

The day you have to pay to apply through a dodgy system for permission to stay in the home you own or pay rent on, keep your job, keep your family together not torn apart, is the day I will believe that you have the welfare of the whole country at heart, not merely that of your rich friends whose main interest in brexit is avoiding the approaching EU tax laws.

The closer we come to 29th March the more entrenched the opposition to brexit becomes. This will not change and the only thing you can guarantee is that brexit will bring is more division, not less.

I won’t wish you a happy New Year. Whatever happens at the end of March I doubt it will be that. I do wish that you will experience a little of what you have put so many people through, from before Windrush (“hostile environment”) to brexit and beyond.



Wonderful positive ideas from Katy.

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So, yesterday’s despair is over. Today we start again. That’s how it goes. You get knocked down, you get back up again. Just like Chumbawumba said.

I needed to be doing things today. Good things. Things that help redress the balance a little bit. I’m going to share them with you, not because I’m a big head (well, I am, but that’s not why), but because you can do them too, and if it helped me, and it did, it might help you.

My mum and dad cleared out all their old winter coats and scarves and gave them to me to do something useful with. I’m dropping them off tomorrow with a lady who volunteers to help the homeless, and she’s going to distribute them this weekend. When I asked on my community group on Facebook there were loads of places who wanted/needed them in my local area. There will be…

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High Court rules “Thinking Allowed” in Brexit debate, Press Appalled.

Brilliantly summarised!



It’s official, Britain’s now a country officially suspicious of nuanced argument – a post-fact society. The High Court’s ruling on triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the starting gun for our exit from the EU, has caused moral outrage in the popular press. The judiciary dared to side with a concerned (and whisper it quietly, educated) citizen, Gina Miller, respecting the efforts of her and her lawyers to understand and interpret the law of the land. Contrast this with the increasingly belligerent and thought terminating mass of Leave voters; 17.4 million, who, just like the SNP in Scotland, now presume to speak for all of the people, just as I’ve presumed to speak for all of them.

The Mail was one of many rags incandescent that Miller, born in Guyana, which isn’t even in Britain, if you can believe the fucking cheek of it, had dared to challenge the…

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